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Can you create a fluid domain using a Geometry Primitive?

I’m having difficulty defining a fluid domain. I thought the procedure was that you make a Cartesian Box, then define it as a region under Mesh Refinements. SimScale is not recognizing this as a volume though so I can’t select it. I can only select predfined solids from my CAD, not Geometry Primitives. Any suggestions?

Hi @sadeghir97,

Can you please post the link to the project?

From what I see here however, the geometry looks rather complex and might have errors. Will need the project link first however.



For a region refinement, you can select either a CAD solid or SimScale primitive. These are both selectable in different sections, in the above image you have selected your cartesian box and don’t need to worry about the physical volume part. Run the mesh, you should see that the box is refined :slight_smile:

What is the geometry? looks intriguing!

good luck,


Hi guys!

@vgon_alves and me already had a quick look at the project. The discussion can be found here: 'Module Thermal Analysis ROUND 2' simulation project by sadeghir97.

@Get_Barried: He already got rid of the intersections and overlaps inside his geometry. The thing we talked about was the distinction between fluid and solid region.