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Can not mesh with tool and its negative

I´m currently facing difficulties in meshing a rotating tool together with its negative, it was no problem when I only used the negative and the fluid domain and defined a Rotating wall, but I could not get results in the simulation run,
so I used the MRF rotating zone approach, now I can not mesh it gives me an error right from the beginning or it meshes for 30/40 min without any results, I tried to turn off the boundary layers to see if it would help but the result was the same

Hey Hugo! And welcome to the forum!

Can you please always post the URL to your project?

Thanks for the project link!

You are almost there to be able to simulate your case.

You only need to start from your ‘only fluid’ cad model and add a cylinder volume around the tool. Keep in mind that this volume will intersect the fluid region, and that it will be an independent one. But that is ok, when assigning the rotating region the solver will take care of it.

For reference, check out how it is modeled in the following tutorials:

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