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CAD Import Error


I’m an electronics engineer and new to any kind of thermal simulation tool. But i want to learn it very much.

I have created a CAD file (STEP file) for a PCB with an electronic component mounted on it, i want to check the effect of power dissipation on that component.

When I try to import that file it is giving me a warning like below. Please let me know what is the problem and how to correct the same.

Project link

Error Note:

No contacts detected for “Conjugate heat transfer”

No contacts exist as part of the simulation setup. Please check your CAD model or reach out to support.

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Hi @themaccabee,
After checking your model i found that there was problem in your cad model which was restricting from creating contacts b/w components.
Kindly correctly constrain the electronics components with the plate and then upload the step file to workbench.
I have done slightly modification in your cad model, lets see if it helps you.

Hamza Baig


Hi @HamzaBaig

I just ran into the same problem, thing is im not sure of what i should contrain on my CAD drawing. Please kindly advise if you have the time.
Project link:


Answered here @yhleta: CAD Import error



Hi @HamzaBaig,
I have the same problem could you help me. I used CATIA V5R19 for the CAO and I don’t understand why contacts are not on Simscale.
Here is the link of the project :

REY Alexandre