Boundary Layer on Frontwing

Hello Guys,
So Im currently unsure, whether to trust the results of my Simulation or not. For me the downforce value (70N) , seems a bit high considering the wing isnt even in the near ground-effect region.

Also I checked my mesh and saw, that the boundary inflation layers arent resolved the way I was hoping for. You can see, that near the trailing edge BL-deletion begins to form. I read this article about preventing it, but Im not sure, what settings to change now in my meshing setup: FSAE Tutorial - Preparing Simulations For Success - Boundary Inflation Techniques And Y+ Validation.
Which y+ should you be aiming for? I was aiming for y+ = 1, but I also read, that you should be going for 30 < y+ <300. Also I was using just 5 inflation layers, but according to some forums k-w SST Modells should have around 20-25 layers to resolve velocity gradient correctly.

This i quite a lot to read and talk about, so I would be happy, if someone can just help me with one of the topics mentioned above.
Here is a link to my project: SimScale Login

Hi there, and thanks for using the forum!

The target value for y+ depends on the wall modelling approach that you select. This article should help you to better understand the topic:

By looking at your simulation, I can see that the you did not apply a specific boundary condition to your wing. Thus, the default BC is used: wall function. Thus, the target y+ should be in the range 30~300.

I had a look at the y+ in your results, and they are all over the place. I think that the simplest solution would be to use the Standard mesher with default, automatic layer creation. This algorithm takes into account your wall bc and creates the layers accordingly.