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Boolean Operation

I wish to perform fluid flow analysis on my AUV. Being a newbie with SimScale, I couldn’t find the option to subtract the vehicle geometry from a cuboid of water (that is what I did in Ansys).

Please suggest a way to perform the operation or an alternative solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Sharath!

Does this here answer your question: CAD geometry from Autodesk Revit ? Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


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Hey @Sharath

If I am getting it right!
You want to study the flow of water over or under your geometry!
So there won’t be any requirement of subtracting geometries as you might have done in Ansys.

You can just define a bounding box around the geometry and assign the location of the material point outside of your geometry! And the mesh would be generated outside the geometry and within the bounding box.

you can also watch some webinars or tutorials to get a good idea of the platform:
And public projects: