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Bending of a steel rod under load


assume a steel square rod of a specific size (e.g. 16x16x2000mm). The rod has a small fixed support on both ends.
When you place a load in the middle of the rod it will bend.
It should also bend without a specific load because of its own weight.
Using simscale it does not bend without a specific load. So obviousely the net weight of the object is not taken into calculation? Based on the volume and material properties it should work.
Why does simscale behave like this?


Hi Wolfgam and thanks for your question!

This would fall under the category: Buckling - however this module is not yet implemented into SimScale but you can use a workaround with a nonlinear analysis which mimics the buckling behavior somehow. In this post from my colleague Richard you can find an example on how to approach these kind of problems.

Please make sure to add a vote to the buckling analysis feature right here: Buckling analysis feature addition request!

Hope I could help! For any additional hints & tips I will tag our FE experts @FEA-SQUAD.

All the best!


Hi @wmay,

I made a simple model and activated the gravity in the dialog shown below.

I fixed the ends and the effect of the weight shows in the results.

Is this helpful?



Forgot to mention that option, thanks a lot Christopher for stepping in! :+1:

All the best!


Hi Christopher, jousefm,

thanks a lot.
I was not aware of the gravity option in model.
Knowing all model options obviousely helps ;).


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