Beam deflection theory vs simulation

Hi, I am new to simscale and I want to check if I can obtain the correct deflection value for a cantilever beam with end load with the help of static simulation.

The formular is : deflection d = F*L^3/(3EI), for a quadratic stell beam 50x50 mm of length 1 m, using
E = 210000 N/mm² and I = 520833 mm⁴ I obtain d = 30.47 mm at x = 1 m. I checked this value with various online calculators.

Using FEM in my project

I obtain d = 25.06 mm.
Can anybody help me to understand what’s wrong with my setup ?


Hi @iid001 ,

The main issue here is the mesh, in particular the type of elements. Please check this article, which contains more details on the topic.


Indeed , activating 2nd order elements in the Mesh setup solved the problem, the simulation result now corresponds to the closed-form solution.

Thank for your help