AOA vs lift graph on projecy

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

After some strugle with meshing now my project is working, I already have some nice results on it.

Is it possible to perform a single simulation with a variety of Y speeds trough time (representing changes in AOA) and calculate lift/drag/Cl at each one of the iterations and plot a graph from that data? If yes can someone refer me to a tutorial on it



It is “possible” in theory, however there are far better workflows available.

In short, you would have to use a table input for the velocity, changing the V_y after a number of iterations. And here is where the problem lies: you would have to run enough iterations for the simulation to converge for each one of the V_y of interest.

Just as an example, using random numbers: you run 1000 iterations to converge for V_y= 1 m/s, then you change V_y to 2 m/s and run an additional 1000 iterations to allow the simulation to converge, and so on.

In short, this is not a good option. A better option would be to set multiple runs in parallel to run, one for each value of interest for V_y. This would require less time to run, and would be a more straightforward approach.


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