Anyone want a SimScale logo sticker?


yeah one please


@DCK, @jfm93, and @rgoud sorry for the late reply but yes we can send you a sticker! Sent you each a PM for your address



Hi @AnnaFless,

Do you have some stickers left??
I want one of those!!!

Ronak Patel


Pleaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee. Few for me too. I just love it.


Yes, please!


If you have any more I would like one. Thank you.


one please!


I also want one.


One for my car and one for my laptop?


One please !
Btw, Is this the best community?

I would LOVE to show this sticker on my laptop !
Waiting for your response SimScale.

edit: Now i see that this was almost a year ago, gold times.


Hi @fbek!

I will send you a private message.