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Anyone want a SimScale logo sticker?


I’ve got some extra SimScale logo stickers at my desk…like or comment and I’ll send you one :slight_smile:


One please! :smile:


Awesome @mlarreta, @gcanfield, @radenpm9 - it’ll be in the mail this week :slight_smile:!


Yes please. I’ll help promote your company name


Want want want!! :B


I am one of the lucky ones that already has one!


@kturnbull and @afemat great! Sending them to you too!


Hello Anna,

I would love one of those :)!


@ajaybharish, awesome - sending one your way!



Thank you so much for the stickers. :blush: My laptop must be feeling so lucky! :heart_eyes:


Love my stickers!! and I’m sure my students will love them too :grinning:


Hi @AnnaFless

Do you still have one for me? :confused:


Yep, there’s still some left. Just PM your address and it’ll be on the way :slight_smile:



Can I stil get one? :slight_smile:


Looks awesome!! I would love one if possible! :smiley:


@amani and @lesterneo - definitely! Will send them soon


I would like a sticker for my computer. Please.


If possible, I would like one :grin:
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,



Yeahhhh :grinning:, I also would like to have one.

Of course, if it is still possible.


Hey there,

if possible, could I also receive some?