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Anyone want a SimScale logo sticker?


@fkarl and @Alexor - yep! Sent you a PM for you address.


Do you have any left maybe ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have any left? :stuck_out_tongue:


@jeettrivedi and @panditashwad - yep! PM sent to you guys


@AnnaFless is there any stickers left, if there is i would like one please and thank you :smiley:


You got it @mbyers - will be on it’s way soon :slight_smile:


I would love to have one if possible?:slight_smile::slight_smile:



I am new to this community, but loving every moment. This is a great learning experience for me. Can i have one sticker too ?

A grateful newbie.


I want One Too Please! - Varun kotian


On their way @dpawar30, @asda96, and @varkotian!


still have any more of those stickers?


@damccall - yep we do, sent you a PM



Anna, Is it possible to send me one of these nice stickers.


please i need one



Thanks for the sticker Anna, you’re the best!

A grateful newbie.


This is awesome!!

Can’t think of a better way to publicly express my great respect and enthusiasm for Simscale than having a sticker on my working units! Can I have some please?

This the future! Congratulations for what you have achieved so far and keep the good work guys. The world needs you!

And I am with you :wink:


Hi @jasousa,

Thanks for the kind words! I’d be happy to send you some stickers :smile: I just sent you a PM for your address and then they will be on their way soon.



hello Anna thanks thanks for the sticker but i have yet to received it for over a month now


Hi! Can i have one?! i’m new to the Plattform and i’m enjoying it so far. Just frustrated by the sims not working but is a learning process. Thanks!!


Am I to late, or do you have still some left :grinning:? Great job btw