Another CFD multi region mesh error


I’m pretty new to simulation and I’m wondering if anyone can help me find out what I’m doing wrong. The point of the project is to see what effect a small radiator (the small cube (100F)) can have on a room that is 65F. I set up the two bodies and assigned them the respective values of 100 F for the small and 65F for the room but every time I try to run the sim, it crashes and gives me the multi-region mesh error. Anyone have any pointers? Images below:


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Hi @ckelton!

This issue has been discussed by the @cfd_squad in the past, here some useful threads:

Please let us know if it helped!


Hi @jousefm ,

Still no luck. I did get one run to work with just a radiant block and using an enclosure but when I try to view the simulation results I can’t view the enclosure. Any tips on how to view the enclosure with the simulation?