Adding Heat sources in passive scalar simulation


Can I add heat sources in a passive scalar transport simulation?

Thanks in advance!!


Sorry for the very late response @ojagtap!

I do not think that this is possible. Please correct me if I am wrong @power_users, @rszoeke or @sjesu_rajendra.




Thanks for replying @jousefm ,

Actually, I wanted to do this type of analysis but in my it’s cleanroom.

Is there any way around in which I could study

  1. Contaminant concentration
  2. Thermal comfort for operators
  3. Temp Distribution
  4. Pressure
  5. Velocity
  6. Relative Humidity

in one simulation. Or do I need to do Contaminant concentration study first then Thermal comfort for the same model in second simulation without contaminants (won’t be the exact scenario here but just thought of it)?



Hello Om (@ojagtap),

It is not possible at the moment to combine heat transfer and passive scalar at the moment. This approach is currently under development and will take time to hit the platform for users.

Currently the approach would be to decouple them and run the simulations as passive scalar and convective heat transfer separately. Talking about thermal comfort of operators this link on Thermal comfort can help.



Hey sam @sjesu_rajendra

Hope we could do it in future!!:slightly_smiling_face:
Helps a lot thanks for sharing the tutorial.