About transient Thermal analysis

I wanted to ask you that if the transient thermal analysis simulation is accessible for me on a student version?
As the last time you told me that it is but I don’t see any option for such a simulation on the main user interface.

Hi, and many thanks for using the forum!

Short answer is yes, under the academic program you should have access to all analysis types (with a few exceptions).

On the other hand, I assume you mean transient heat transfer analysis of solids. If so, then yes you will have access under the academic plan. Please refer to this tutorial for instructions on how to setup the simulation and where to find the transient option:

Notice in Figure 8, the ‘Time dependency’ setting. Here you can select ‘Transient’ and then you should specify the time-dependent conditions according to your model.

If this is not the case and you are referring to another type of analysis, please let me know.