About Gas Leak

I tried to follow this guide: Gas water heater venting malfunction - CO hazard - A step-by-step tutorial

and I have adapted the guide for my project.
Here is my project link: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=7167867202579841064&mi=spec%3Ae1c14eef-c23a-48d0-93ed-6541c036b1aa%2Cservice%3ASIMULATION%2Cstrategy%3A121%2Crun%3A139&ps=geometryPrimitives%2F0

In simulation run 4, I changed volume flow rate to 0.33 L/s. Am I correct in thinking that If I want to see the result T1 in ppm then I set the flux to 1e^6 1/(m³·s)?
And why the result at outlets (re, ex, gap) still don’t seem to converge?

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If you are looking to have 100% of contaminant entering the domain from that section on the wall, an easier way to obtain that would be with a velocity inlet condition, having a volumetric flow rate of interest (0.33 L/s) and a passive species value of e.g. 1:

This means that we have 0.33 L/s entering the domain with a scalar value of 1 = 100% scalar. In the post-processor, 1 = 100% scalar = 1000000 ppm and 0 = 0% scalar = 0 ppm.

Convergence-wise, you might have to play a bit with relaxation factors under numerics (maybe trying to go for “Automatic” and maybe continuing with manual and trying out some options for passive scalar relaxation). This is can be very problem-dependent, so it can take some tests to see what works best for your case.


Thank you for your response!
I have another question, does the T1 graph need to be converged?

That would be optimal, yes.

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Hi, I tried to follow your guide and enter scalar value = 1000000 ppm. I was wondering that the proportion released isn’t relative to the room volume? How can I do to make it the same proportion?

Thanks in advance!

And about T1 graph

at this point @time = 500s, it will have T1 = 140.736678. Is it correct? Could you give some advice?

Thank you again. :smile: