"A setup regions is being used in a single-region analysis type"

So, I always get this massage.

“A setup regions is being used in a single-region analyses typer. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an advanced concept assigned to them.”

Briefly about the project. I want to blow air through a closed chest using a fan.


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Hi there, would it be possible that you also include the link to your project, please?

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Yes of course

Can you see?
I want a simple thing as a first step. The air passes from side to side. Then I make the electronic components that go into it. I don’t want to use the fan setting with only air inlet, because if it’s good then I’m looking for a fan for it.

In short, this is how I want to learn how to handle the program :slight_smile:

Thank you so much.



The issue here is simple: under normal circumstances for incompressible analyses, we need a single volume, representing the flow region, to run the simulation. If your CAD model has more than 1 volume, you will run into multi-region errors down the line.

The flow region, as I mentioned, is what we want. Solid1 is the part causing issues. The remedy here is very simple: head back to CAD mode, create a delete body operation and delete solid1.

The resulting model should be good to go.



Thank you so much! It is work.

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Hi Richard!

There was another problem. I would like a fan on both sides of the box but at 20% the simulation stops.

Sent this message:

“Velocity field started diverging. Please check the mesh quality near the reported location and try refining the mesh. If the problem occured near a boundary, please check the boundary conditions. In case of doubt, please ask for assistance via our support chat.”

I tried to move up the mesh quality, but the simulation was interrupted again. RUN4

Please help to me.