2D Streamlines

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in the new Simscale on-line postprocessor I would like to know how to get 2D streamlines in a 3D analysis. I am analysing the flow around a drone with four propellers and I would like to visualize the 2D streamlines on the symmetry plane dividing the drone in two half.

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Hello you can do this with the Post - Processing: Cutting Planes. Once your simulation is completed this option appears.

Then from there you can select a cut axis of x,y,z and inverse of the three and then select what you want to view, velocity, temperature, ect.

Here is a tutorial link aswell! Tutorial: Post-Processing Fluid Flow Simulations | SimScale



Dear Jake, thanks a lot for your suggestion. From the tutorial I see that I can visualize velocity vectors on the cutting plane but I would like to visualize the streamlines (two dimensional curves tangent to velocity vectors) on this plane.


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This is a help post/tutorial that addresses how to create the streamlines. There are several other posts and pages that can be found by searching “streamlines” on the forum if this one doesn’t address what you need.

Best of luck!