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Y+ values in compressible simulations

Okay, I have strange question: why I can’t see Y plus values in compressible simulations (air)? I’ve done the same simulation (the same mesh; don’t care about the results as values at this stage) as both in- and compressible case and:

Incompressible | I downloaded results, opened them in Paraview and at the very first step (zero) I was able to display Y+ values.

Compressible | I did exactly the same thing here and Y+ was not there – why?

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Hi Maciek,

thanks for noticing this. Compressible and incompressible analysis types both should now calculate yplus if set as a result control item. There are a few missing corner cases, e.g. compressible LES, that we want to wait for fixes in a stable release before adding them to the platform. Apart from that, go ahead and add yplus to your simulations!


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@Maciek thanks for reporting and thanks @gholami for fixing this!

@gholami Thanks for info, but I’m afraid it still doesn’t work properly. Yesterday, after your post I run new simulation and yet again in Paraview I saw only Y (without plus and values, or with some strange illogical ones).

Today I’ve just run another case – this time very simple in order to save some core hours – and now I see Yplus but there are still no values in compressible simulation (air by default). Therefore would you be so kind and take a quick look at this:

@Maciek, thank you for trying again. I had a look at your project and it helped to trace back the problem to a solver data management issue. It is now fixed and you should be able to get yplus consistently, this time for real :wink: