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Y plus value

I wanted to obtain y+ value but I saw there was an error in the log
can anyone suggest a way to fix this


Hi @sjay,

Your inflation layers show up in the meshing log. What seems to be the issue?




i want to find the y plus value from the control results


Hi @sjay,

Your Y+ can be obtained under the result control I believe. Do take a look there.




i used it but i didnt get any reading for it . please have a look on my simulation


Hi @sjay,

There are results but you need to change the range since it is large, Y+ values for your simulation are in the order of 1e2 to 1e4.

Here is with scale 0 to 1000:

Hope this helps,


how did you get this ?


how can i change this


Hi @sjay,

you can replicate my view first by hiding all the mesh zones except the surfaces:

By selecting the surfaces under mesh regions (excluding internal mesh and bounding box faces)

then change the field to y+ cell and change the range:

For your later simulation, I used a range of 0 to 100 to visualise.

Hope this helps!


how can i get the y plus value between 30 and 300


Hi @sjay,

Think this will help: