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Workshop 2 Session - 1 Homework: Optimization of a wing - Part II


Also… I tried looking at my own project and I realized I was finding some error messages while trying to load any case for post processing (even saved states), then after a few mins I refreshed the site and it seems like the post processing section might be undergoing some changes or at least it looks different to me that it used to look. Maybe give it another try now?


Hi @tcarrelb and @oscarcorripio,

The post-processor had a minor server issue last night - Our engineers were working on it and I believe everything should be fine now. Please check and let me know if there are any problems.

You are absolutely correct! We are located in Munich, Germany and it is less likely that we respond to queries in the night (CEST). But we would try to reply asap!



Yes please , thank you !


Hello @arusu,

Done! Please change the project property to Public in order to continuing running jobs.



Hi @sjesu_rajendra, what is the reason for reducing by one order of magnitude the “turbulence kinetic energy value” from the preset value that first appears in the initial conditions? Also, could you please explain how to select an appropriate value for the “specific turbulence dissipation rate” - why is it 3.375? Thanks.


I just saw on another webinar recording that there is a forum post explaining how to calculate k and omega. I will dig into the forum to understand the theory behind. Thanks.


Hello @LFM,

Please have a look into the documentation link for information on turbulence models and calculating the parameters.