Workbench loading time too long


Hello. I’m studying ‘Introduction to CAE’. The solution field for ‘Current design mesh’ in the Exercise 2 of CFD is taking forever to load. Is it my internet speed or something else that is hampering me from moving ahead. Please help.


Hi @sachimanjhi20!

Could you share the link here please to check the specific project?

Edit: Checked it for several projects in my Dashboard and everything works like a charm. @power_users, what about you guys?




Hi @sachimanjhi20, @jousefm!

I’m post processing right now, I did not experience anything like that. Everything works like normal.

I hope your issue will be resolved soon!



Thanks for the fast feedback Jani!

Might indeed be something that is related to your internet connection @sachimanjhi20. Maybe try another browser and tell us if the issue persists.