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Workaround for link generation - Completion of SimScale courses


I recently observed that the option to generate a link for the project has been removed.

I would like to personally know why the decision was made to remove the option to generate the link to project.

Moreover how is it possible to complete a course in SimScale Academy without the option to generate link?

I would appreciate a suitable response and a workaround for the timebeing

Aravind Baskar

Hello @aravindbaskar,
you are right, since we introduced the new sharing mechanism yesterday (release notes coming soon!) we temporarily disabled the option to generate public links for private projects.

The new sharing mechanism has several important advantages over the old one, for example:

  • project sharing is now permission based, for now it includes “can view” and “can copy” permissions (more to come!)
  • you are no longer forced to make a copy of a project someone shared with you
  • the permissions given to other people can now easily be managed (changed, removed) in the project sharing overview
  • you can filter the projects others shared with you on your “all projects” page

The only benefit for the project sharing via the generated link was that you could share a private project with a random (unspecified) group of people. Of course you can still share your public projects this ways by just sharing the project URL with others, for example

We came to the conclusion that we would like to prioritize the immediate benefits above the single draw-back that the new workflow introduces - still we are determined to ship the old functionality at a later point in time.

Regarding the specific problem with the SimScale Academy, it seems that we missed to update the instructions, thanks for pointing that out! With the new workflow you should just share the project URL (as in the example above) instead of the generated sharing link - anyways the projects from the SimScale Academy are public projects and thus do not need any specific sharing permissions.

I hope this clears your doubts!



Thanks @rszoeke for the detailed information