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Wood stove CFD


I have an OnShape model of a wood stove that I want to build but I want to do a CFD analysis first.
I didn’t have much problem with previous FEM projects but I’m striking out on this one.
Whatever I try I get errors of some kind or another.
My current thinking is to have normal pressure (100Kpa) at both the inlet and outlet and have a sub-volume in the heart of about 1000K. No luck.
The link is

Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?


Looks like the mesh you have is a mesh of the solid, not the fluid. You will need to place the material point in the fluid area to get the correct part to mesh. For this, you will need to swap to parametric meshing.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks. That cleared up a few things for me, but I’m still failing :frowning:

I made a simplified model to learn, but I can’t even make that one work without an error.

I want to see how air flows in a bent channel that has a heating element.

Hi @soren, sorry for the late reply. here is a project:

It needs to run a few more iteration but it looks good to converge.

I added a turbulence model to deal with the flow separation and increased the under relaxation and ran for more iterations. Looking at the resulting control it confirms a few more iteration is needed and the convergence plot suggests further under-relaxation might be needed.

Let me know if you want to find out more,