Won't let me create External Flow Volume

Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineering Student new to Simscale.

I am having troubles creating the external volume to study how the fluid behaves in the sever room that I have designed. It contains an inner insulated barrier to separate the flow between the cold inlet fluid and hot outlet fluid coming out the server rack. The fluid is then recirculated via the CRAC unit.

Please can someone help!


Hey there!

I think you have a confusion on the ‘excluded parts’ assignment: the selected bodies are not taken into account for the flow region, thus they will intersect with the created region. This is useful for advanced concept parts such as rotating zones or porous media, but is this what you want?

okay so when I select the excluded parts I don’t include the Insulated barrier and instead define them in the advanced concepts part…?

Hi, I am not sure I understand your question or your reference to each part.

Please help your descriptions with images so I can really understand your goal and model here.

Hi, What I am trying to simulate is a data centre.

If you see on the first model the flow contains a lot recirculation regions which isn’t efficient from a heat extraction point of view but also from an energy point:

So I built a insulated barrier between the cold inlet and the hot outlet to keep the streams separate from each other:

I would like to simulate this new room and I have tried to create the external flow volume… does it make sense to include that barrier in the excluded parts (surely not because the barrier is supposed to control the direction of the fluid and not allow it to pass through it).

But I get the following error:

I hope that’s more clear, please ask me to explain further.


Marked as solved as you were already able to perform the simulations.