Wind tunnel simulations

What is the typical size of the models for optimal wing flow analysis?

My models “blow up” due to lack of resources during the mesh creation at the start of the simulation.

I am wondering if the size is a factor here.

So there is no general rule to that.
I usually try to stick to these dimensions.

But you can always have a look at the flow field and check if you have a normal flow, like the inlet conditions. Then you can cut off the wind tunnel.

Best regards Sebastian

Thank you for the reply, but my question was more about the physical size of the CAD models that are imported. I am using Fusion 360 to create wing models typically around a 700mm span and 50mm chord.
Have not been able to successfully create a mesh from a .STL file using the recommended “body” construction.
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Try a .step file i had this issue too and this seemed to fix the scaling issue on the model, and also make sure it doesnt have any unnecessary faces.

Frank lucci