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Wind tunnel Model simulation

I am trying to achieve the lift and drag values of my model. I’ve already tested the model in an actual wind tunnel and would like to model the simulation as close to it as possible.

I’d like to know if I have to choose a “no-slip” wall condition or a “slip” wall condition when adding the model as a boundary condition during the simulation process.


Hi @M_sim!

You can find some examples in the public projects and regarding your question you should use the no-slip condition for the model and the other faces of the bounding box can be modeled as a slip condition (except inlet and outlet condition) or you can also use a symmetry condition for top and bottom.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions.




Since my model is symmetrical, one side of my bounding box cuts my model in half. Is it correct to model that side as symmetry? Or does the whole model have to be with in the bounding box?

Hi @M_sim!

You can absolutely use the symmetry condition in order to use half of the model saving you some core hours and time :slight_smile:



Hi Jousef,

Thanks for your help. I’ll contact you again if I need any more help.


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