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Wind Profile

I tried to use a wind profile in my simulation but it did not work. Can anyone have an idea of how to use this.
Here, i upload what i have been trying to do where i put column z (the hight), Ux, Uy, and Uz.
Thanks in advanceSimscale FORUM

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Hey @archwa! I’m not sure what happened. Can you share the project link here?

Here come the project link. IT is Run 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5 and 6. Thanks in advanced!

I couldn’t find the custom wind profile in your project. Did you delete it? I tried to create the boundary condition that you specified and I had no problems.

The first step was to create an Excel file. It’s important to make sure that the decimal separator is the point. If you use the comma, SimScale won’t recognize it.

Then I saved the file in CSV (comma delimited) format.

Finally, I created the velocity inlet uploading the table.

You can access the updated project at this link.



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