Wind Loads on Buildings with CFD Simulation

Hello! I am trying to do a simulation very similar to this one from a SimScale collaboration: Calculating Wind Loads on Buildings with CFD Simulation - YouTube . They used two types of buildings (one with a square footprint and one with the corners softened).
I need to do a similar simulation for two types of buildings:

  • a cylinder (circle footprint with 56.3 meters diameter and 133.22 height)
  • a rectangle (square footprint with 56.3 meters side and 133.22 height)
    With this simulation I am trying to highlight the advantages of a cylinder structure over a rectangular one in terms of wind resistance at great hights.
    I have already got the project from the workshop linked above and I introduced my structures made in Solid Edge, but I a not sure how to adapt it for my situation.
    I would be thankful for any advice or help!

Hello Gradinaru_Alice

thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.

Can you please provide us with a link to your project, so that we can have a look at the geometry?

Best regards