Why Simscale?

Why I need to choose a Simscale for Conjugate heat transfer? why not Ansys FLuent or Comsol? what are the advantages of using Simscale?
I know, it is an OpenSource.

Hey Arman!

To start the discussion on this answer, I will give a few pointers. Anyone else from the community can contribute their points also:

  • SimScale is not open source. It uses some OS solvers as a base for the simulations, such as OpenFOAM in this case for CjHT.
  • The cloud based computations allows you to tackle more resources for simulation such as parallel processors and memory.
  • You can run your computations and use your computer for other tasks.
  • SimScale is easier to learn and use and thus more fun that other tools.

Hi Arman,
I’m a newbie, but have interest in simulations. I’m not an employee or contractor working or part of the company Simscale, just a community simulation user. Just a few comments…

  • Simscale offers Free, under the community plan, up to 16 cores and 3,000 core computer hours of simulation time with a max of 10 successful simulations with very wide range of simulation choices. So try before buying, you get a real feel for the system
  • Results have been validated Validation Cases | Cloud-Based CAE Simulation | SimScale
  • OpenFOAM yes it’s OS, but it is ‘challenging’ to use & for ease and speed of simulation setup, Simscale is great, very quick to setup
  • Multiple simulations can be started and run without tying up your personal computer & on a paid professional plan a max of 32 core can be utilised.
  • Simscale continues to innovate with thermal comfort and large scale, just to name a few.
  • Lots of ‘free’ simulation options available to test, highlighted in yellow including CHT etc
  • Tutorials - SimScale
  • Lots of reputable companies use Simscale Customer Case Studies | CFD and FEA Success Stories | SimScale

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi Arman,
I’m no expert…but I can confirm @ChuckMulder & @ggiraldof positive comments. Being a recent user of Simscale over the last month I have enjoyed my Simscale experiences, from the modelling but also the support offered by the experts. This product has not stood still, it continues to be enhanced with improvements with new simulation options to make things easier like the CFD Sonic simulation option.

I’d like to add that all simulation software has a learning curve. For me as a general engineer and just a newbie simulator, I find Simscale’s learning curve very reasonable. Simscale offers an easy to use interface and it has the backing of Simscale engineers who have experience, knowledge and helpful advice, even in the free region of the product. Not to mention the flexibility and range of FEA simulations offered are very interesting.

Which ever way you decide, Simscale is available for immediate use with the free community use option as ChuckMulder mentioned.

Happy simulating :slight_smile:

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