Why Does This Simulation have such a big mesh?

hi, I was wondering why this simulation had such a huge mesh? Is it because it is a compressible simulation?


Hi Frank!

I am tagging Ali here, who is the creator of the project :slight_smile: @Ali_Arafat


Hi There,

Well, to begin with , the mesh is not really huge;
" The resulting mesh consists of approximately 6 million cells and is shown in the figure below."

A total mesh cell count of 6 million for external aerodynamics cases is actually a moderate size esp compressible case and for a high curvature model is quite decent . This is necessary to properly capture the curvature of the wing and other aerodynamics bodies and the wall Yplus for correct boundary layer capture at compressible speeds. So the mesh has to be very fine on the surfaces.

For context, a Huge mesh for external aero CFD would be above 30 million cells.

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Ali Arafat
Senior Simulations Engineer