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Why does the download result always fail?

It seems that I must download the results data and use ParaView locally to examine the results.

I’ve run my own simulation and tried to download the results but have a cross-through of a red circle indicating that I can’t download the results file.

I’ve copied the flow around a football simulation and the same problem occurs. I can’t download the data.

Can someone help me understand what I’m missing?
this link:
can you help download via google drive?

thank you

Hey there!

The red circle means that there is an error on the simulation run, and thus the results are not available for download.

Please share your project URL with us to have a detailed look at it.

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I have shared the link, to be able to check it. simulation projects named Run 51 and Run 25

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this link

It works for me with no issue. Here is how to download results: