Why does my particle trace look weird?

Hello everyone!
I am simulating a miniature car’s aerodynamics and my particle trace looks a little unexpected. Why does the air move to the right after hitting the wheel instead of going straight to the back of the car?
Did I set up the simulation wrongly or is there anything I can change about the car to allow for better airflow?

Thanks in advance!

Project: https://www.simscale.com/workbench/?pid=413259065683292038

Hi @intishd,

Thank you for posting here. Nice simulation!

I expect that the result that you are seeing here is due to the wake from the vehicle body. One tip with particle traces for vehicles is to do it in reverse. Place the particle trace origin at the back of the car and trace in reverse to see where the flow comes from to get to that point. Make sure to select the “Trace both directions”


Oh thats very interesting, thank you!
Also, in the tutorial it said to put the “point on axis” at the center off the wheel. Mine is in the center so to speak, but moved to the left. Is this a problem? I have done it like this for all my previous simulations and it seemed to work.

This is fine, so long as the centre is aligned with the axis of rotation. There is a new feature to select the centre of the selected body for this purpose:

If by aligned, you mean the point is on the axis of rotation, then it seems like it is. Would you agree?

Yes, this looks correct.