Where in the world are you?


At home in Norway, slightly less urban then most of the maps here…


Hi @thedole,

must be a nice place to live!
How’s it going getting familiar with Simscale? :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,


Kyiv, Ukraine


I like it here, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. Quite isolated, and the road up here is made for tractors not cars. :wink:

My Simscale adventure has been taking a back seat to other stuff lately, I started modeling something to simulate but never got it quite ready. I should probably start a thread to get some tips as there are a lot of unknowns for me and I tend to go into the deep end first.

Best regards,
Dag Ole


So you call me a tractor!? :stuck_out_tongue:

We are here to make the road not that isolated, but sure, there are a lot of things to do in life besides SimScale!
Anyway, in case you need help, just reach out! :slight_smile:



hehe, I meant where I live! :wink:


HI I am from Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Nilore, Islamabad.


Greetings from Curitiba, Brazil.
It seems that there are other Brazilians there too.


Nice to have you on board @VictorPimentel! :brazil:


Manama,Bahrain hi to everyone


Welcome to SimScale @halil! :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact me if you need help with the platform or anything else.