What's your favorite simulation project from the SimScale library?


Do you have any favorite project from the library here: https://simscale.com/library/?

I like them all, but I think that my favorite ones are: the drop test analysis of a mobile phone case (probably because this happens a lot to me, so I find it very applicable to my life) and the truss bridge eigenfrequency analysis showing how durable these type of bridges can be.


There are some awesome simulations in the SimScale project library. Though I am quite fond of anything involving fluid flows, the one simulation I liked most so far is the structural dynamic analysis of a [deep drawing process][1].
Just take a look at this [video][2] and think: “Is it not simply awesome that those kind of things can now be simulated in a web browser?”

[1]: https://www.simscale.com/library/?id=proj41
[2]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-dZ-krCeiM


My colleague Ali just published a new library project: A compressible flow analysis of a centrifugal compressor. That’s the first library project showing a compressible flow simulation including a rotating zone - pretty neat! Here you can read more about it:


Some impressions:


Ali just pushed more flow simulation library projects:

Hope it helps your simulation work! Highlights:




And more of them: www.simscale.com/library


Lately we had a lot of requests in the area of process engineering, so @arafat_ist created a couple of projects in this field, see for example:

Hope it helps in your simulation work!