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What should I use in Boundary condition

I’m trying to simulate about temperature change of silicon die through time transient in natural conditions.
The model is a form of optic over the display panel.
I have used conjugate heat transfer 2.0 and I also assigned inner flow to inside of optic in CAD mode.
Problem is I have no idea on using “boundary conditions”. So There is an error at mesh.
In this case, what should I use and assign it?
I’m sorry but I can’t understand well even if I review the tutorial.
If there’s anything weird, please let know.
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Here is my simulation url.

Thank you.

Hi Jake, keep in mind that contact surfaces can not get assigned to boundary conditions. This is why you get the error message.

Best regards,

Hello Fillia,
Thanks for reply.
You mean I don’t have to assign any boundary conditions in this simulation.
Am I understood exactly?

The mesh was successful without boundary condition. Thank you.
But in simulation results, I found that the die temperature is following global temperature which is set in initial conditions.
So I spontaneously assigned the “Wall” in boundary conditions to the top and side surfaces of the optic, and in the results, the temperature of the die reached the desired value. In this case, is it right to use “Wall”??
If that’s right, did I properly assign?
And is it right to use fixed valued with “wall”?
Please reply