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What kind of pressure



when i want to calculate force acting on lets say wing, i use normals*pressure. Easy.
But that pressure (on wing) means statics pressure right ? I ussualy set gauge pressure as zero.

I m guessing there is not dynamic pressure (on the wing) because wing is not moving ? ( in domain its not )

So pressure inside domain is also static or absolute ? I m guessing its absolute pressure and if i want total pressure i have to add atmospheric pressure because i did not define it.

Thanks for anwser


Hi @Novak_Ondrej

Sorry for the late reply. When you set gauge pressure on the outlet face as zero(means an absolute pressure of 101325Pa) and provide an inlet velocity boundary condition then in the result section, the pressure obtained on your wing is stagnation pressure.

Air moving toward stationary plane or plane travelling in still air means the same(that’s why wind tunnels are used).
Your stagnation pressure= Dynamic + Static.



For further clarity you can see this image-