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What is the level of mesh corresponding to the size of mesh?

Hello everyone, I concern about the level of mesh in Simscale
In the mesh column, we are required to input the level (for example saying maximum and minimum level 7)
Actually, I just follow the tutorial workshop and input level 7
However, what is meaning behind level 7? what is the corresponding size of mesh?
Is the mesh fine enough??
Thank you very much for looking this

Hi @hkpolyracing1st!

This document might help you understand the different levels of refinements: snappyHexMesh Tour. To say if a mesh is fine enough a mesh sensitivity study has to be carried out. If your coarse mesh shows no change in the solution compared to a finer mesh you will use the coarser mesh for further studies to put it simply. But please keep in mind that there are many factors contributing to errors! Sometimes the geometric/model simplifications, boundary condition selection have an additional and often worse effect on the solution. The sensitivity study I mentioned can be done to ensure the discretization error is minimized but the results can still be off.

Tagging the @PowerUsers_CFD who might give you more tips on this topic.

Cheers and happy SimScaling!


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