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What is the difference?


Hello guys, I want to know what is the difference about (T) Ambient temperature and Initial boundary temperature?? Should the Initial boudary temperature has the same value as the (T) Temperature in initial conditions?


And this is my project:



Hi Whildan!

Yes, makes sense to set these values up as the same. Hope that clarifies it!



And what about temperature in velocity inlet? Should it has same values as global temperature in initial condition too?



Hello @whildanry,

It’s all a matter of choosing values wisely to try and help convergence. If you expect the inlet values to dictate the temperature levels in the domain, then it makes sense to have global temperature = inlet temperature.

If you expect certain regions within the domain to have a much different temperature in steady-state, then you can also use subdomains to initialize them with a different temperature.


Thanks @Ricardopg, I will try it.