What is the Difference Between My Mesh Settings

I am trying to mesh a model so that it ignores a few small sliver faces that I cannot remove from the CAD. In this model I was able get the mesh to ignore the faces however in my most recent project (Most recent project) I copied the settings exactly and it does not ignore the specific sliver faces and so my simulation diverges.
First is the image with the faulty mesh. As you can see it becomes extremely fine at certain points in the circled area.
Not good Mesh
However in the picture below in the same area the mesh is fine. I am pretty sure I used the exact same settings for both projects and then CAD in this area is exactly the same so I am not sure why this happened.
Good Mesh

Any help would be much appreciated thanks!!!

Hello @cyrus_costa , thanks for posting your question in the Forum!

Although the same simulation settings are copied, a default Small Feature Suppression value is defined under Mesh/Advanced Settings according to the max dimensions of your model. In case the overall dimensions of the model has changed between two designs, it’s possible the defined Small Feature Suppression value is also different.

Could you please check and try using the same small feature suppression value as before? In case they are the same, feel free to share your project with support so that we can have a detailed look.