SimScale CAE Forum

What is SimScale


SimScale is revolutionizing the computer-aided engineering sector by providing full access to engineering simulation in your web browser.

  • Better – Design better products.
  • Faster – Bring your products faster to market.
  • Cheaper – Make your product development process more cost-efficient.

  • Multi-Disciplinary: The SimScale platform supports five types of physics:

    • Solid Mechanics
    • Fluid Dynamics
    • Thermodynamics
    • Particle analysis
    • Thermomechanics
  • Ideal for collaboration: Easily share your projects with anyone on your team.

  • Solver and cloud-agnostic: We can provide our users with the latest solvers and technology which can be constantly integrated

  • No installs, license fees, service packs, or registration codes.

  • Always on the latest version.

  • Runs in a web browser on all computers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mac, Linux).