Welcome! - Introduce yourself :)

Hi. My name is Ramkumar. I am a PG student in PSG college of technology, India. I am doing wrinkling analysis of pipe bends project. I like FEA. I hope i can solve my problem here.

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Welcome @rk4490rk, sounds like an interesting project! If you have any questions along the way don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile:

Hello SimScale community!
My name is Michal and I work as analysis engineer. Most of my time at work I spend on FEA but I also do some hand calculations.
My private interests are 3D printing and riding on MC.

Have a nice day!

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Hi Michal (@mmlot), welcome! We’re glad to have you joining us in the SimScale community!

Hello everyone!
My name is Azahari, I’m from Malaysia and I’m a student, studying math & physics. I’ve designed an airplane drone with dual robot arm. I hope simscale could answer whether my designed can fly or not. :slight_smile:

Have a great life and future everyone!

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Wow, @Azahari - this sounds awesome!

This tutorial from our drone workshop might help you to get started: Step-by-Step Tutorial: Homework of Session 1 - Level 1

Hello All,

How are you all?Great to meet everyone here in simscale platform. I am Rio, enthusiast, forever a student. I started attending webinars & workshops here to learn more and explore.

Have a nice day :blush:

Hi @Rio_Paildelan - thanks for the nice introduction! Glad to hear you are enjoying the workishops & webinars :slight_smile:

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Hi Admin @AnnaFless .Absolutely. These workshop activities are awesome. Keep 'em coming. :smile:

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Hi!!! Everyone here i am dinesh pursued my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in india. u guys everyone are professionals working in various fields. now i am confused what to do next.i would like to get some idea that would be more helpful for me to take the important decision to start my career.which field will be stable for the upcoming years and much more information about the field

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My name is HS LIaw, I am live in US, NJ.

My Major is Physics & Naval Arch.

I am retire now.

I still have dream to design & build my dream machines.

I think simulation is logical & high speed to improve my designs.

I will review your YouTube files first.

Let me have basic knowledge then I will try to run.

If I have question, can you assign a tech to help me?




Good day to everyone!!

I’ve been using simscale since a college friend and I learn you had webinars. It has been 6 months from that and I’m still here!

I study mechanical engineering , in the last year at last. I did some time abroad and learned a lot about aeronautical engineering, specially fluid dynamics and CFD. I was already in love with simulations, numerical methods and all but that was the boom for me.
I’m here cause I want to work on this when I graduate. Hence, the more I’m prepared for the job the easier it is to get it. Simscale offers the perfect way to practice through webinars, and I’m also doing other small projects beside!

I will like to meet people who work already in this sector to talk about it, what do they do? How did they got there? How can I prepare myself to acheive what I’m looking for?

Finally, I’m looking to learn lot of CFD and something about FEA and thermal simulation!!

Great community!


Hi Pawel
I am a student at federation university in Australia .
Very elementary at this stage , however I have imported a cad file to simscale of a building at would like to add some geometry . can I do this in simscale or do I need to redraw in cad ?
travis smithard

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Hi Travis (@tsmithard) and welcome :slight_smile: Regarding the geometry, you will need to modify the model in your CAD tool and then re-upload it to the SimScale platform.


Thanks for the nice introduction @tamare - great to have you joining the community :slight_smile:

Be sure to have a look at the HVAC workshops we hosted a little while ago, it’ll be a great way to get started: https://www.simscale.com/forum/c/workshops-webinars/air-conditioning-and-ventilation-workshop

Hi all,

Im Jan-Jaap van Wijk and I’m working as a freelance mechanical engineer. Specialisms are: (turbo) machinery and steel constructions. Im not a specialist in FEM simulations but I want to learn more about it by practice to expand my capabilities for my engineering company LNK engineering located near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In previous jobs we faced many engineering problems which can be solved by FEM software. We outsourced these activities but that was a time consuming and expensive solution. In my opinion Simscale is a reliable and cost efficient solution for many mechanical engineering problems especially for a freelancer!

I have a 3D CAD system (Solid Edge) which I use for many engineering jobs. I have the complete key to steel (stahlschlussel) and I have access to the ASM material books.

If anyone needs 3D models like solids, assemblies, surface models for your simulation or any data about materials please let me know! I will help where needed to improve the Simscale community.

Best regards,

Jan-Jaap van Wijk

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Welcome! @jjvanwijk - Thanks for offering to share all of those resources to members of our community, very awesome of you :slight_smile:

Hello there!

My name is lalit kumar verma, I’m from India , New delhi and I’m pursuing mechanical engineering from maharishi dayanand university.

Deterministically, I want to make my career in Formula One
So on that that notch I did 4 project interns in automotive industries, nd I learned 4 CAD softwares CATIA,CREO,SOLIDWORKS & Nx CAD and in a field of CAE softwares I learned Ansys( Mechanical+ FLUENT) nd now I’m learning by my own Msc Assam.

And in free time, I love to play Guitar, I love wildlife.

I hope one day I will design formula one car. So i want to learn a lot from all of you !

Lalit kumar verma
20 year old final year student
mechanical engineering

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Hello all,
My name is Madhure Desarda and I am working in Parason Machinery India. Our company is leading manufacturer in pulp and paper machinery. I am working as a design engineer and my work area involves CFD and FEA.
I did my Bachelors from Arizona state university, USA along with the masters in business management.

Hope that I will learn a lot on this platform.

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@lverma and @mdesarda, welcome guys! Glad to have you joining the SimScale Community :slight_smile: