Weird Mesh Issue

In meshing this part, the program is generating weird holes and gaps where its “pixelated” like in the picture. I have meshed multiple times and It does not do it in the same place each time.

The STL part is perfect and watertight. Please Advise

Checking and getting back to you ASAP!

By the way, the mesh is like…enormous! :smiley: Have you started some kind of convergence investigations that you track in a sheet before jumping straight to an incredible fine mesh?

Have some thoughts on why this could be the reason but want to check with my colleagues before drawing some conclusions that are wrong.

Cheers and happy weekend!


I did try doing some coarser meshes but was having poor convergence, as well as chunky looking mesh around bends. When I increased the fineness of the mesh I started getting this issue. Always happens at a different place on the part, never the same area.