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Water particles (droplets) dispersion in an stationary air room

Hi everyone, I’m looking for information about the SimScale Discrete Phase Model.
I need to simulate the dispersion of water particles within different environments (rooms with different geometric configurations).
The water particles must be injected into the room in a dispersed form with a certain initial speed. These particles (such as droplets and micro-droplets) must have a variable diameter range (e.g. from 1micron to 500micron) with a randomic dispersion shape.
I would like the simulation to give me back, for example, the position of the particles in space after a certain number of seconds (e.g. 10 seconds of total time simulation with an animation as result) with a particle tracking operation. I would also like to be able to see the various diameters of the particles (with a colorimetric map) placed in space both in 3D (rendering volume type) and in 2D (xy graph). I would like the Rendering volume to be a particle representation and not a surface.
My particles are not granular but simple particles of water that need to evaporate. In particular, I should define the room temperature (e.g. 25 ° C) and the particle temperature (e.g. 35 ° C). A percentage of the volume of these particles must evaporate (e.g. 96%) and a percentage must instead remain volatile, suspended in the air or fall to the ground but not evaporate (e.g. 4%).
I have used Ansys Fluent in the past which allows you to do all this.
I would like to know if SimScale allows you to do this. I read somewhere that SimScale doesn’t allow you to work with droplets. But I don’t need to represent a phase transition from continuous to discrete (liquid, liquid + droplets, only droplets), no! What I need is to spread several thousand small particles of water (with their own physical characteristics, specific heat density, temperature etc …) in a room and let them interact with the room air (continuous system) in a way turbulent as the initial injection speed of the particles is very high (k-epsilon model or LES).
Is all this possible? I have not found anything in Public Projects.ù
Thank you
Best Regards

Hi Luca!

Discrete phase modeling is not (yet) possible on the platform. For queries like these, please add them in this section: Product Feedback - as a matter of fact, there is also an existing feature request: Discrete Phase Model

Thanks a lot!