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Want top simulate the supersonic convergent and divergent nozzle

want to do some experiments with nozzle can anyone tell me how to begin, how to take dimensions of CD nozzle

Hi @mehakkar123, here’s a De Laval Nozzle Project from our Public Projects that might help you to get started.

Any more thoughts @roozbehmousavi?

Hi @AnnaFless @mehakkar123,
There are two solvers which are commonly used for simulating the compressible flows, including “rhoCentralFoam” and “sonicFoam”. The former is a density-based laminar solver and the latter is a pressure-based solver which can takes the effects of turbulence into account. The sonicFoam needs higher grid resolution to achieve the same accuracy and its pressure-based characteristics necessitates more iterations per time-step for the high-Mach number flows. Concerning the rhoCentralFoam, the quality of the grid has a huge influence on the solution stability.

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