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Wall shear stress and Near-Wall velocity

Dear all,

In the first series of the F1-Workshop (2015), contour plots of the wall shear stress as well as the normalized wall velocity were presented. But I could not find how I can make these contours in Paraview for a case which has been simulated in SimScale. Someone has an idea on that?

And what about the down-force distribution?

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OK, concerning the force distribution, I found a nice SimScale blog:

Hi Roozbeh,

Thank you very much for your question.

Right now it is not possible to calculate wall shear stress when using the SimScale platform. But you can download the mesh, re-upload as a OpenFOAM case and run the ‘wallshearstress’ solver. Which will calculate the wall shear stress and add it to the result field.



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Hi @roozbehmousavi,

having the wall shear stress easier accessible is on the product roadmap. @gholami will keep you posted on the progress.



Could you elaborate as to how we reupload as an OpenFOAM case and run the ‘wallshearstress’ solver?


yes you can. But in the meantime we have added wall shear stress computation to the platform. It is available under Result Control items.


Hi , thank you for the reply, unfortunately, I can seem to find the shear stress computation in the result control items.

Under what category is it? Forces and moments, field calculations or surface data?

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Hi @JPapic, It is under field calculations. Add a new field calculation and “wall shear stress” will be available in the drop down.

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Darren Lynch