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Volume measurement


I cant find an answer to this one but is it possible to measure the volume of space that has a specified air flow rate (or less) within a model?

I am looking for a figure of merit such as this to determine what volume of air is flowing poorly in a cleanroom.

Many thanks!


Hi @mgardener!

There is indeed a way to do this - use offline Paraview for this process.

  1. Create an isovolume showing the dead spots you want to investigate

  2. Integrate variable filter to get the volume of selected region

If you know the whole volume you can easily calculate the fraction. Let me know if that helped.



Thanks for the reply. Took me a while to find the version of paraview that would work on my laptop!

Ok so I have created an isovolume in paraview and found integrate variable filter but, after reading around, I still dont see how to get the volume of the isovolume?? I think this is my lack of experience in this area more than anything!

Any guidance would be very welcome!

Many thanks,


Hi Martin!

When you have the isovolume filter, the integrate variable will show the volume of material when you switch to cell mode.



Thanks Jousef I got it now! Your help is much appreciated!

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