Viewing velocity plot over car


I want to see the velocities over my body but however, as I have generated the boundary layers on the body, it would of course show 0 m/s over the whole body. So my question is, is there a way to see velocity contours all over the car like seen below:

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As you pointed out, due to the no-slip condition, the velocities on the car surface will always show as zero in the platform.
It’s very possible that one/a combination of the filters in ParaView may be able to give you the visual effect that you are looking for, however this sounds like a very specific workflow. It may be a better idea to post this directly in ParaView’s forum.

Naturally, if anyone else has ideas, feel free to chime in.


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Hello @RicardoParis ,

So this kind of visualization is not really possible in simscale?

Correct, it will always show surface velocity as 0 (for a no-slip condition).


Yeah, as I assume you need this for visualization/media purposes, do a run with slip walls. Otherwise you have to use OpenFOAM and execute the postpro-function object “nearWallFileds”. OpenFOAM: User Guide: nearWallFields

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