Vibration Sweep Test for Battery Structure

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I am trying to simulate the effects of vibration sweep test on a battery structure, with the acceleration profiles ( converted to loads) as input, using Harmonic Analysis method.
The acceleration load in the sweep test is going to be 3G’s and the sweep range is from 30Hz to 150Hz.
Goals are to check for any resonance, and if any, it’s effect on the structural integrity of the structure.
The CAD setup is such that the Battery Structure is mounted on a Shaker Base (indicated in the Fig. 1 below.

Fig1. CAD Setup

I was able to set up the simulation for X-Axis, and the results seem to be decent, after looking at the Modal Effective Mass plot, Eigenfrequencies, and the direction of the displacement of structure at the corresponding Mode/Frequency.
However, I am getting results other than intended, when I perform it for the Y-axis.

The two main two issues i am facing are :

  1. Unable to create Coarse mesh for Large Body(s), whose end results are not important. (Fig. 2 and Fig.3 )

Fig. 2 Is there a feature to set the minimum edge length for meshing individual volumes ?

Fig. 3 I would like to coarse mesh this volume as much as large as possible

  1. For the Y-Axis Simulation, the Shaker Base is absorbing the stresses instead of the battery Structure, while it should be the other way around. I tried increasing the ‘Shaker Base’ Young’s Modulus by 10x, but of not much help. (Fig. 4 and Fig. 5)

Fig.4 : Boundary Conditions Setup for simulation in Y-Axis

Fig. 5: Von Mises Stress from Cyclic loading in Y-Axis.

Am i missing something while setting up the Boundary Conditions, meshes, etc. ?
Would be really great if someone could help me out in this.

My project link would be This.

Fig.6 : Project Tree

Nikhil Setty

Hi Nikhil thank you for sharing all these details :slight_smile:
Would it be possible that you also add the link to the project please?

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Here is the Link

Nikhil Setty


I think i was able to rectify and solve the issue.

  1. The Mesher was probably creating finer elements due to the complexity of the part(Shaker Base). Especially since the ‘Shaker Base’ was in direct contact (Bonded) with the Battery Mounts, it would have created finer mesh near that region.
    I guess the ‘target element Size’ will be respected as much as possible if the body to be meshed is independent of neighboring geometry is possible only when physical contact exists or if the body to be meshed is physically isolated from other bodies.

  2. I also had to swap the Master-Slave assignment for the ‘Shaker Base’ and Battery Enclosure’. This helped to concentrate all the loads on the part of interest , i.e. "Battery Enclosure’.

I have created 3 simulations in total(Frequency, Harmonic and Dynamic) and is more neatly arranged now.

Nikhil Setty

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