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Vibration analysis

Dear sir please give me the details,
My project is Damping Vibration analysis of composite glass fiber material of with piezopatch At 6 different points.
Given the Glass fiber plate of 450x350 is provided with 3 mm thickness please provide me similar tutorials to follow the steps of simscale,
The plate is fixed at one end and force of 10 N is applied on other end vertically .
my project url-

Thank you .
Umesh Bharambe

Hey @umeshhbharambe and a warm welcome to SimScale! :slight_smile:

You can use the Frequency Analysis module from SimScale for this type of simulation. A tutorial of this module can be found here: - please note that this is a tutorial for the old UI of the workbench (for additional tutorials check out the documentation but also use the search function at the top of the forum to find more). If you have any questions regarding the UI or the setup itself feel free to reach out to me. Tagging the @fea_squad in case any of my colleagues want to add their two cents to your project.