Vfd fan heat flow in electrical enclosure

Simulation type Conjugate Heat Transfer.

I have a control box containing a vfd. The vfd generates heat that is dissipated into the control box with a fan. The control box is in turn ventilated with a fan to the outside. I have modeled the control box fan with a flow region, velocity inlet and a pressure outlet. My question is, how can I model the vfd so that the heat flow and velocity of the vfd is included in the calculation and that this is also visible in the results through the vector arrows?

Hi @rkllwer

Thanks for posting your question. Could you please share the project link here? In this meantime, I think this tutorial might be helpful: Thermal Management Tutorial: Electronics Box Cooling | SimScale


I have already removed the model due to changes.
I looked at the tutorial. It is similar to what I have in mind but this one does not have an internal heat source with a fan.